Need new laptop, large display, integrated ports, other stuff

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Good evening, all...

I need to buy a new laptop / notebook computer with the following
specifications, in the following order of importance:

Screen 1600x1200 minimum

Computer can drive a separate 1600x1200 monitor and stretch its
desktop across both

Serial port, parallel port, VGA port, USB port(s), PS2 mouse/keyboard
port, and PCMCIA slot(s) all on the computer without needing a docking
station or port expander

Built-in ethernet

Built-in modem

Hard drive easily removeable, and must be a standard IDE notebook
drive (i.e. not SATA)

Battery easily removeable, and spare batteries available

CDRW built in (DVD+/-RW preferred but not necessary)

Decent battery life (is 3 hours on a charge a totally unreasonable
thing to ask?)

Windows XP Professional

Memory capacity 512 MB, expandable to at least 1 GB

CPU speed is not particularly important; anything over 1 GHz is
probably OK

Size and weight are not important; anything that can reasonably be
called a "laptop" is probably OK

A couple of years ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 that has
all of the above, but it has turned out to be a totally unreliable
piece of junk.  I am finally giving up on it and looking for something
that's of reasonable quality, but I can't find anything that meets the
above specifications... not even from Toshiba (not that I'd ever buy
anything from them ever again...).

Any suggestions, anyone?


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