need new ac adapter?

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The battery on my daughters Toshiba L35-S2194 (~ 2 yrs old) does
not charge anymore. I don't have access to it as she's away at college.

When the problem first started she thinks it was intermittent. If so,
that didn't last long, and now it will not charge at all. She mentioned
the power cord was "bent."  As best I can tell that is not the problem--
no exposed wires or any other visible damage. Also, she
*thinks* the battery is losing power faster than normal.

She has tried several different (working) ac outlets.

I had her "jiggle" the power cord and the jack at the back
of the unit (gently) but nothing as worked. (several years ago I
had another toshiba where the power jack "broke" and for 2 or 3
weeks this jiggling worked, if only temporarily, to restore power)

Should I just ship her a new ac adapter and hope it will work?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Re: need new ac adapter?

Ship her a new battery.

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Re: need new ac adapter?

No, ship her a new battery.  If the laptop works (on AC) the AC adapter
is fine.

Note:  If you leave a battery in a laptop that is usually (almost
always) plugged in, in most cases you destroy the battery in 6 to 24
months.  So, if that is the way the laptop is used, take the battery out
and leave it out when the laptop is plugged in.  And if it's used
plugged in primarily at one location, get a UPS for that location.  A
$30 UPS is a LOT cheaper than a $100 to $300 Lithium battery.  Batteries
can last over 10 years if they are properly taken care of, or only 6
months otherwise.

Phil wrote:
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Re: need new ac adapter?

Thank you both.

Shortly after posting this question i talked with (Battery-Biz). Assured i could
return it--she'll have a new ac adapter soon.

And yes, i am looking into a new battery for her also.
Costco has one for $80, also made/sold by Battery-Biz.
Of course it--and the adapter I just purchased--is not made
by Toshiba. Any thoughts?

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