[NEED HELP] Gateway MT6456 Laptop Drivers

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A good friend of mine bought a Gateway MT6456 couple of months ago. He
wanted XP but Gateway would only supply Vista.

He's struggled with Vista & has had a problem with downloading files. I
asked him what the problem was but, being an adult, I couldn't get much
sense out of him. So a few weeks ago I offered to look at it for him but
he didn't seem too keen, probably didn't want me to see his prawn. :D

Anyway, yesterday he finally had enough & asked me if I would install
XP on it for him, 'Vista is a pile of crap' he muttered. So like the
fool I am I said I would sort it.

I got it home & had a play with it. So I started downloading the XP
drivers from Gateway & straight away I could see what the problem with
Vista was. It was too busy calculating the time remaining to download
the files that it didn't actually finish the file download. I used my
spare pc to download the drivers I thought I needed.

Installed XP no problems, I thought... Installed a few drivers but when
I checked in hardware/device manager it showed a few yellow triangle
next to an unidentified *PCI Device & Ethernet Controller (2 of them)*.
No problem, I'll sort this later. After a lot of tuning & tweaking it
was running fine, or so i thought, but I hadn't plugged any speakers in,
mainly because I was in my room where my spare pc & server don't have
any speakers. Plugged in some headphones, no audio. Should have sorted
that unidentified pci device and the other unidentified Ethernet

I seem to have one of the Ethernet Controller drivers installed in one
of them but, STILL I can't seem to find the other driver for the other
"Ethernet Controller"

I can't connect to the wireless network in my apartment but, when I
"wired" it straight it would connect to the internet but, not wireless.

I'm not impressed with the Gateway and I'm still having problems with
this laptop.

Please if there is anyone out there that could shed me some light on
where should I go from here besides throwing the laptop against the
wall, like really soon.

This are the problems:

1) I can't connect to the wireless network. It always says "Local Area
Network is Unplugged" and I can't connect to the internet. I only can
connect to the internet when I'm "wired"

2) From the device manger, I have 2 drivers still left to install.
A. Ethernet Controller (there were 2 of them but, now I have one
left to  install a driver too)
B. PCI Device driver is missing also. I don't know where the
driver is.

3) I have no sound although the sound drivers are installed

Please Help!... anyone?...

*StomperX :)

Re: [NEED HELP] Gateway MT6456 Laptop Drivers

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The MT6456 is designed for Vista, so you *may* have issues finding drivers.  
That being said......

Download and run Unknown Devices from http://www.halfdone.com/ukd/ .  

According to
http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Q106/BladeK8F/4001199R/4001199Rsp2.shtml ,
the audio is the Sigmatel HD Audio, and the Wireless Chipset is either a
Realtek or Broadcom.  I'm willing to bet that the PCI device that DevMgr is
complaining about could be the Microsoft HD audio bus.  I know that if you
download the Realtek HD audio drivers in zip form, you can install the HD Audio
bus from Microsoft by itself.

Another source to check for drivers is www.driverpacks.net .  

Post up those hardware IDs and I'll see if I have drivers for them.  I've
collected a good bit of random drivers from work.

Re: Gateway MT6456 Laptop Drivers

The problem is the wireless card has no XP drivers. I have the same
laptop and really like it with XP in it , but <|Marvell doesn't have
the drivers so you have 2 choices - get a new wireless card (alot of
folks did this) that has XP drivers or forget about a wireless card.

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