Need AC adapter for a Toshiba A205-S5843 (Q. about the Watts)

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Hello there:

I have a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5843, PSAE3U-071023  that needs an AC

the original one doesn't work anymore.  Looking at the old one it shows:

Input: 100-240v 50-60Hz

Output: 19V x 3.95A    no Watts mentioned.

The Toshiba website wants $89 plus tx and shipment (approx. $100) for one
but searching

on Google I find other companies that have the adapter for a lot less, same
input and output

but it says 75 Watts, and the one that Toshiba sells it says 120 Watts and
the output is 19V x 6.3A

but the sales person says that the ones they sell now are universal and the
ampere will adjust???

My question is, the one that shows the same output but has 75 Watts (costs a
lot less) would

work in the laptop???

 The place is called BattDepot

Is this a reliable place??

Thank you in advance


Re: Need AC adapter for a Toshiba A205-S5843 (Q. about the Watts)

First, Watts = Volts x Amps

So 19v x 3.95a is approximately 75 watts

Almost all Toshiba laptops use either a 15 volt or a 19 volt AC adapter,
and almost all of the 15 volt laptops have one connector while almost
all 19 volt Toshiba laptops have the same [but different from 15v]
connector.  [There are a tiny handful of Toshiba laptops that violate
these general rules.]

This makes Toshiba AC adapters very, very "generic", since Toshiba is so
large that there is plenty of market for generic suppliers to make them.

As a consequence, you can buy a new generic (generally Chinese made)
adapter on E-Bay for under $15, including shipping.

Note that current ratings are indeed the maximum that the adapter COULD
supply; the laptop only takes what it needs, up to that maximum.  In
fact, laptops virtually never draw the maximum, and I often use the 3.42
amp (65 watt) adapters with laptops that are spec'd for the 3.95a
adapters.  I have never had a problem doing this.  I also often use 15
volt 4a adapters on laptops spec'd for 15v 5a, and, again, as a
practical matter, I've never had a problem.

[Note that I am a degreed EE with over 30 years in the PC industry and
I've worked for laptop makers and repair them, and am A+ and Network+
and MCP among other certifications.]

Kathy wrote:
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Re: Need AC adapter for a Toshiba A205-S5843 (Q. about the Watts)

On Thu, 08 Apr 2010 23:01:22 -0400, Barry Watzman

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I like your credentials but as I recall on Dell's newsgroup. many
found your posts either too theoretical or too out of date.  That
said, I think on this one, you got it right.

Re: Need AC adapter for a Toshiba A205-S5843 (Q. about the Watts) Thank you Barry

Thank you Barry for your help, I just noticed your reply.
Big help


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