need a hard drive replacement

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  I have a dell Lattitude D610 and booted up to these error codes, hard
drive failure 1000-0146, unit 0 ide failed, status style 64 controlcode,
so looks like The hard drive is toast and need a replacement, can anyone
suggest a reliable fast replacemnet brand & type, are refurbished drives
worthed, what rpm is suggested. and where are the best prices available
online. the replacement type looks like a 2.5" 9.5 mm EIDE notebook drive


Re: need a hard drive replacement

chet wrote:
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Yes it is and any 2.5 inch 9.5mm hard drive will do the job (as long as
it is parallel and not SATA). Some places will list it as PATA instead
of EIDE or ATA-6, but that is ok. And I have no problems if it is
refurbished, if it is the manufacture that did the refurbishing. Up to
320GB is common for this drive type. If you want larger, it think 500GB
might be the limit for these and they are hard to find.

I don't think you will see much of a difference between 5400rpm and
7200rpm on your machine. Although others might differ. Prices are about
the same nowadays so I don't see a problem whatever you decide. And most
name brands should be just fine.

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Re: need a hard drive replacement

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    You won't have much choice in terms of a PATA 2.5" drive.  I'm not
even sure anyone makes new ones anymore.  You'll most likely find that new
drives are all in the 80-120GB range and all 5400 RPM.  If you hunt around
on Compuvest, Ebay, and similar venues for liquidations you might find a
7200 RPM 60 or 100, but these were unusual even when they were current

    Your best bet is to install a 64GB solid state drive.  The PATA ones
are a little expensive, but you should be able to find one for around $100.
It won't be much if any more than a new mechanical drive, and the subjective
improvement in system performance (not much of a real boost, but it'll seem
much faster because you won't be waiting on writes and reads) is well worth it.

Re: need a hard drive replacement

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I'm running a Dell C610, and have upgraded the IDE drive twice:
30 - > 60 and then 60 -> 120 - all mech spinning drives.

but I haven't really seen any IDE SSD drives listed....

Re: need a hard drive replacement

On Mon, 10 Sep 2012 15:53:01 -0500, "ps56k"

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Here's a 128GB Transcend PATA drive for $173: /

I got a different PATA SSD that worked for my Dell Inspiron 8500 when
I used a jury-rigged external cable, but unfortunately I get it into
the compartment to use for real.  (The system did boot much faster,
but I returned the drive since I couldn't run with the drive in the

Re: need a hard drive replacement

On 9/8/2012 4:51 PM, chet wrote:
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     I replaced the hard drive today and that is far as I can get, I get
  NTLDR is missing, I did some research on how to correct this so far no
luck, I installed a WIN XP disk and choose in the set up boot off of the
CD and still get the error, I ran the computer diagnostics and I get an
error say there is no partition end something else I forget at the
moment, and says to get a bootable dell diagnostic & recovery disk, I
don't have it, and we bought the computer new, not sure if it was
supposed to be in the box but it is not there, I cannot seem to get past
this error
any ideas, I hate to take it to a repairman.


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