Mysterious Beep on my Sony Laptop

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I've got a Sony laptop PCG-K25 and from day one it has beeped --
unpredictably -- off and on. Not when I hit a certain button or open a
program or anything... obvious. It's a system beep, the kind you might
hear when exiting Windows and accessing your bios screen. It's
sometimes followed by a machine-like click, something like when hard
drives of the past would lock before shutting down. But no discernable
performance issues arise. Nothing stops or slows down at all. I thought
it was a temperature warning so I bought a fan, which works fine. The
bottom of the machine is cool, the back where the fan blows out is warm
but not hot. Mostly it's annoyiing but I'm afraid it's really a time
bomb. I have a service plan, but the company insists they'll do a
complete system restore to day 1 before anything else and I'm not
interested in reinstalling every program again unless I absolutely have
to. What's happening???

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It sounds like it could be the hard drive. Some IBM drives I've worked
with make a "beeping" sound with the head actuator - I'm not sure if
it's a failure mode, or an intentional piece of firmware magic to bring
the user's attention to the drive.

Set the power management settings to spin the drive down. Wait for it
to spin down. Does the noise EVER happen when the drive is not

Re: Mysterious Beep on my Sony Laptop

First thing to do is to make a complete system backup. Buy Acronis
TrueImage or soemthing similar and back up the entire hard drive so
that you can restore it once Sony gets done with it. Then to the
restore yourself to factory state, that will tell you if it is a
program you loaded. If not, send it back and see what they say.

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