My Service plan is trying to Scam me !!!HELP!!! techies

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I purchased a presario 2100 laptop 3 years ago and bought the three
year service plan through a national vendor.  I brought it in right
before the service plan expired to deal with the following problems:
1)battery doesn't hold a charge(pretty standard, one of the reasons
that I bought the plan...normally don't but these plans) 2)CD is only
sucessfully written now about 1 of 10 times and never at full
capacity.  3) Recently the computer will not boot.  When power is
turned on the three diodes will light indicating that the unit is
powering up, but the screen will not even go to the bios screen and I
can not even hear the HD spinning.

The service center (out of town) called today and left a message
saying that the problem was due to the keyboard  being damage due to
The closest that any liquid has ever gotten to the keyborad is an
occassion wet paper towel being used to wipe it off.  I have never
even sprayed a light mist on for a cleaner on it.  They did not say
that something had spilled and seeped in and damaged the motherboard.
 They said the damafe was to the keyboard.

I have some questions that hopefully the knowledgable techies that
read this can help me with.  

Can damage to only the keyboard cause a problem that exhibits symptoms
such as these?   Would plugging in an external keyboard over ride the
laptop's keyboard?  

Even though I had a service plan they maintain that the problem is due
to damage and not failure and therefore to replace the keyboard will
cost ME $160.  

It seems to me that the "damaged by liquid" is a "catch
all excuse" to extricate themselves from honoring the warranty.
I am the only one that has ever used the computer, the only one
living in my household and I can state with 100% certainty that
liquid has never permeated the keyboard.

I am looking for some help in dealing with what I believe is fraud on
the part of the store or the warranty provider and want some advice
on dealing with these shysters.  

I know this is not a complaint section and didn't intend for this to
turn into a bitch session, but thought it would be a good place to
start to get some information when I go into the store to call their


Re: My Service plan is trying to Scam me !!!HELP!!! techies

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A simple malfunctioning keyboard would not be connected with a battery that
won't keep a charge.  If this is the original battery, it most likely is at
the end of it's expected lifespan and needs replacing.  In addition, just
because the keyboard is malfunctioning is no reason to associate it with a
CD-RW drive that is failing.  The two have no connection to each other than
the exception of using keys to perform CD drive tasks like ejecting the disk
or starting a burn.  A defective keyboard will not cause the hard drive to
refuse to boot up.

I would contact the company that holds the warranty you purchased and insist
that they honor the warranty.  Ask for proof of their assertion that a
liquid was spilled into the keyboard and infiltrated into the internals of
the laptop, causing the damage you have mentioned here.  If they refuse,
take your issue to the Better Business Bureau and, if a credit card was used
to buy the warranty, the credit card company or bank.

Re: My Service plan is trying to Scam me !!!HELP!!! techies

Thanks for the input.  I plan on taking this up with the store that I
purchased it at tomorrow, since I didn't have time to address the
problem with them today.
The whole thing smells of a rat to me...seems like a catch-all for
them to cover their asses and never have to pay a claim.  
I hardly used the thing for the last several months because it had the
broken power jack and it was such a hassle to get the thing to power
up if I ever moved it.  I usually had the thing on a tv tray which
didn't even leave room to put a glass or cup near it.

Re: My Service plan is trying to Scam me !!!HELP!!! techies

They are telling you that a liquid was spilled into the computer.  I'm
not saying that they are right, I'm only telling you what they are saying.

No, damage to only the keyboard can't do this, but liquid spilled into
the keyboard area normally damages more than the keyboard.

$160 is outrageous for a keyboard repair, in any case.  A whole new
keyboard doesn't cost anywhere near that much.

But plugging in an external keyboard would not make damage to the
internal keyboard irrelevant.

Overally, I would insist that no liquid has ever been spilled into the
laptop, and demand to see the "evidence" that give them the impression
that it has been.

Note, most extended warranties do not cover the battery (some do, but
they are the exceptions).

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