My entire monitor display shrunk to half its size

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Hi everyone, I have a dell inspiron 8000 laptop and I turned it on a
few minutes
ago to find that my entire monitor display has shrunk to
about half its size.
My laptop doesn't have adjustment cotrols to
expand the monitor display so I
can't simply readjust the screen
size...atleast if I can, I don't know how to do
it.  I'm a little
surprised as to how this happened, but if anyone could help me
get it
back to normal that would be great.  Thanks

Re: My entire monitor display shrunk to half its size

Windows has set itself (for reasons unknown, and no, it shouldn't do
this) to a lower resolution than the physical resolution of the LCD
panel in your computer.  All LCD displays (desktop or laptop) should
only be driven at their native physical resolution (even if they will
stretch/shrink to fit the display).  Go into display properties and
reset the resolution to match the physical resolution of the LCD panel
in the lid of your laptop.  [Right click on a blank area of the desktop,
properties, Settings, screen resolution slider is in the left-middle of
the screen].

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Re: My entire monitor display shrunk to half its size

Thanks Barry, I readjusted the resolution but when I did it all of the
icons remained at half-size along with the fonts of websites, folders,
etc.  Any idea how to get the proportions back to normal?

Re: My entire monitor display shrunk to half its size

Changing the resolution won't change the size of anything unless the
display is "stretching" a lower resolution to fill the screen.

Say that your physical screen is 1024x768 (XGA, a common resolution);
before, your desktop was, say, 640x480, and icons might have been 64x64
[pixels].  640x480 is less (a lot less) than 1024x768, so what you get
is a 640x480 desktop centered within a physical 1024x768 screen, and a
big black border taking up the rest of the screen.  [Some desktop LCD
monitors will "stretch" the 640x480 desktop to fill the screen; most
laptops won't, and in my opinion [but this is subjective] not stretching
them is better.]

When you changed the desktop to 1024x768, that gave you more desktop on
which to place icons (and in doing so it filled the screen with active
live desktop, end of black border), but the size of the icons themselves
hasn't changed ... they are still (for example) 64x64, and exactly the
same size as they were (although you could now get a lot more of them on
the desktop).  The same goes for text.

If they are smaller now than they were before any of this started, then
a lot more changed than the resolution, but it's not clear how, where or
why.  Things that could have changed include font sizes, icon sizes, the
global Windows display DPI setting and the "theme" used by Windows (if
any).  All of these can be changed, but the chances of finding the exact
combination of all of the settings that you had before are not good.

The 3 particular settings that you might want to look at first are:

-Small vs. Large Icons
-Small vs. Large fonts
-The global DPI setting

Icon size is set under display properties / appearance / effects

Font size and global DPI scaling is under display properties / Settings
/ Advanced

Themes, which change all of these and more all at once, are under
display properties / themes.

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