My display suddenly went completely dark

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Greetings, everybody.

I hope to find some help with my problem. I currently own a Dell
Latitude D505, a little less than two years old, and it runs Windows XP
Home version. Several days ago I turned on my computer only to find a
dark screen. However, by accident I shone a table lamp directly into
the display and saw that the computer was fully started, only
everything was extremely dark. I have tried adjusting the Control
Panel, but to no avail. I have tried "Fn" + Up/Down arrow, and nothing.
I can barely view the images on the screen, and only if I shine the
light literally directly and closely to the screen. Other than that
problem, everything else in the computer is working fine. DSL
connection is running smoothly, all applications are operating as
usual, and I have absolutely no error messages of any kind.

As usual, Microsoft help was useless, and so was Dell's. By the way, to
clarify the matters, my laptop is stationery, staying primarily at the
docking station, so it's not just screen dimming when unplugged. I have
tried just about everything I could think about. Any help to resolve
this issue is more than greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Re: My display suddenly went completely dark

You are wasting your time with some of the things that you have tried.

This is a hardware problem, so stop bugging MS, and stop trying software
solutions, but DEMAND that Dell fix it (if the laptop's less than a year
old, it's still under warranty).

The laptop's backlight lamp is not lit, that's why the screen is dark.
The most likely cause is a bad backlight inverter.  The second most
likely cause is a bad backlight lamp (it's a fluorescent lamp tube
located inside the LCD panel itself).  The lamp is actually replaceable
separately in almost all cases, but VERY often the problem is "fixed" by
replacing the entire LCD panel, which is a $300+ solution to a $30 to
$80 problem.  There are a few other causes that are remotely possible
but very unlikely.

It's a hardware problem and on a machine less than a year old, the ball
is in Dell's court. wrote:

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