My Acer laptop doesn't run after cool night

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I have a little problem with my laptop. When I try to switch on it after any
cool nihgt it runs on ~2 sec and automatically switchs off. What is the
reson of that, and how to repair my laptop?


Re: My Acer laptop doesn't run after cool night

Is it only after a cool night!!!

Have you tried a different location to where you normally store/keep
the laptop?

Does it still do the same?

Is your battery fully charged?  Let it charge overnight, to be sure.

Check your power save settings. Incorrect settings sometimes cause this
as well.

Have you tried running from the mains?

Still switching off.

Then it may be more like processor or the processor fan is faulty.

Hope this is useful.

Battery Wizard

PS: Check as well!!!

Re: My Acer laptop doesn't run after cool night

Ther is no difference if I try to turn it on when the batterr is used or not
(only AC). By the way, my laptop looks to work properly when I warmed it up,
or most preciselly when I warmed the radiator on the processor. Fortunately
my hairdryer works good. Can you help me please?


Re: My Acer laptop doesn't run after cool night

Sounds like something could possibly be picking up moisture through
condensation or that due to expansion and contraction because of temperature
extremes, some component or other is not making proper contact and needs
re-seating.  Try re-seating the RAM module(s) if they are easily accessible.

Like the OP said it might be an issue with the CPU fan.  If the fan bearings
have dried out a little or if there's a build-up of dust and fluff it may
not be starting correctly, and no rpm will almost certainly kick in the CPU
protection circuitry which will prevent the laptop from starting.  Cold
weather would possibly cause the bearing to become tight.  It doesn't take
much to stop a cooling fan.

Depending on the age, warranty and so-on of the laptop plus your technical
ability and experience, dismantling your laptop may cause you further grief.
If in doubt, take it to an authorised repair centre who will guarantee their


Re: My Acer laptop doesn't run after cool night

Quoted text here. Click to load it

this and your other post suggest that condensation is present inside.

it is not a problem with the laptop as much as the environment in which you
are using it.  all electronic devices need to warm up (literally) when they
are brought in from the cold.

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