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In April I purchased a mid-range+ priced laptop from

I was impressed by the configurable setup via web page.
I never bothered to look into the platform's merits, or whom they
were reselling from, until after taking delivery.

So far so good. Admittedly, I was putting alot of trust into

Now I know that the model is Uniwill N259IA1, after running
Sandra 2004 to get system info. Uniwill has a good web page
describing the model, and offers driver/bios downloads.

I have yet to contact technical support about the
unit. No doubt I'm not the only one to buy a laptop in this
manner, and I'm interested to hear from others in the
same boat with similar laptops.

Any serious techie will change something with a machine like this.
Here's what I've done so far:

    o the unit came with an 80 GB drive with one partition. Using
        BooIt NG I resized the NTFS partition down, then made 3
        more partitions.

    o the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG drivers were brought up to
        version (Oct 2004), they were at V7...
        However, the 802.11G range is still too weak.

    o the Nero 6 demo was uninstalled, and I installed the full
        version of Nero 6 Ultra Edition

I added a Netgear WG511T wireless PCMCIA adapter. It's range
is more than I need.

I tried to flash the latest v. 1.08 Bios from the Uniwill web site,
but it didn't take. The unit is at Bios V. 1.06

the hard drive appears to be the Hitachi Travel Star 5400 RPM, at
Ultra ATA 100


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