Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

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Hi all

I am looking at purchasing a Thinkpad T43 and note that it comes with a DVD
The supplier claims this is a multi burner, so can write CD as well as DVD
Recently we have had issues with reading CDs produced on certain machines
not being readable on other machines.

Does anyone have a T43 that has cut CDs and can comment on readability of
these on other machines?
Any general comments on this compatibility issue?
Naively I thought that all CD formats were the same!



Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

My multi burner on my T43 works fine.  The only time that I have had
problems reading my cd's on another machine is when I did not "close"
the CD.  This was true on any of my burners, not just the multi burner.

The multi burner is great for backing up my 35 gig's of files on my
T-43.  It takes 4 DVD's.  If I backed up with CD's, it would require
27.  Although the multi burner writes to DL  DVD's, IBM's backup
software only writes to single layer DVD's.


TheScullster wrote:
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Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

Kent said:

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Thanks Kent

Is the backup software standard issue with T43 or an extra?
Is DL double layer?  Not quite sure what all this means!


Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

IBM provides standard issue backup & recovery software.  However, this
software does not write to DVD-RAM type DVD's, which are the type of
DVD's that are DL (double layer).  But the multi burner does write to
ALL types of DVD's including DVD-RAM.  I used DVD+R Maxell for my
backups.  I also have used Sony DVD+R with good results too.

In addition I use IBM's free backup software to backup directly to my
hard drive.  I backup to my hard drive weekly and to my DVD's monthly.
All of my data files are redundant, since I keep all my files on 3
computers on my network.

Yes, it's confusing.


Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

You are confused.
DVD-RAM and DVD DL are two entirely different things.
Nero 6 writes DL

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Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

I researched CD/DVD writers for my desktop a while back.
( is a good resource) What I found is that the quality
of the burn varies alot.  The formats are the same but the quality
varies burner to burner.

FWIW, CD's burned on my T42 work fine in my desktop.  I suspect that it
is the same CD burner used in the new T43s.

Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

Thanks again, Kent, Ross and Bruce - just the info needed


Re: Multi Burner - Standard format CDs from T43?

Here are the specs on the Multi Burner on the T-43.  Again, I believe
it only burns DL to the DVD-RAM format.  However, this is specific to
this burner and not the DL formats in general.  See what you think from
these specs:

Ultrabay Slim Drive
Web Price

Availability: Within 2-4 weeks**

Simplify! One drive to burn CDs and DVDs. Now reads and writes to DVD+R
and DVD+RW media. With the ThinkPad Multi-Burner Plus Ultrabay Slim
Drive you can archive and access data, video, photo and music files on
high capacity DVDs or inexpensive CDs. It is compatible with ThinkPad
notebooks featuring the Ultrabay Slim modular bay and can be used in
other ThinkPad notebooks and docks with Ultrabay 2000 modular bays when
combined with the optional Slim Drive Adapter for Ultrabay 2000.

Features and Benefits:

Now reads and writes to DVD+R and DVD+RW in addition to reading and
writing to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM media.
Stores up to 9.4GB per double-sided DVD-RAM disc, up to 4.7GB on other
DVD discs, or up to 700MB on a CD disc, based on media used.
Up to 50 percent faster(1) writing to CD-R and 25 percent faster
writing to CD-RW Media over the previous ThinkPad Multi-Burner Ultrabay
Slim Drive:
          - Burn to CD-R media at maximum speeds of 24X (3.69 MB/Sec )

          - Burn to CD-RW media at maximum speeds of 10X (1.53 MB/Sec )

          - Burn to DVD-R  and DVD-RW media at maximum speeds of 2X
(2.77 MB/Sec)

          - Burn DVD+R and DVD+RW media at maximum speeds of 2.4X (3.32

Includes WinDVD Creator Plus video editing and authoring software(2)
for capturing, editing, and creating your own videos.  Save your home
videos to DVD-R discs that are compatible with most set-top consumer
DVD players and most PC DVD drives.
Includes WinDVD movie navigator software(2) for DVD movie playback
Save Jobs feature allows you to save your customized CD layouts on the
system, so you can access and modify the file selection at a later date
before burning a new CD.
Includes Simple Backup software(2) for helping you back up valuable
When you integrate a ThinkPad accessory to a ThinkPad PC, it's covered
under the PC's limited warranty, which on specific models can provide a
longer warranty period.
Rigorous testing proves our accessories meet the highest standards so
you can be certain of top quality.
Backed by renowned IBM Service and Support.
(1)CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives list maximum rates; rates are variable and
are often less than the maximum. (2)Some software may differ from its
retail version (if any), and may not include user manuals or all
program functionality. Warranty, service and support for non-Lenovo
products are provided directly to you by third parties. We make no
representations or warranties regarding non-Lenovo products. For
non-Lenovo software, applicable third-party software licenses may

Model name   73P3342
Description  ThinkPad Multi-Burner Plus Ultrabay Slim Drive
Web Price*  $279.00

Depth Metric  129 mm
Depth US  5.09 in
Height Metric  9.5 mm
Height US  0.37 in
Weight Metric[2]  0.21 Kg
Weight US[2]  0.46 lbs
Width Metric  128 mm
Width US  5.0 in

Limited warranty[7]
Limited warranty period  One year

Optical device
Optical device speed  24X Max 8X Max
Average Access Time  150 ms
Cache Size  2 MB
Optical device speed  8X Max
Device interface  EIDE
Optical device speed[5]  24X Max
Recordable  Yes
Optical device  DVD Recordable
Removable Drive  Yes
Transport  Side tray loading

Weight & dimensions
Depth  5.09 in
Height  0.37 in
Width  5.0 in
Weight[2]  0.46 lbs

Environmental Information
Maximum Operating Humidity  80 %
Maximum Operating Temperature  50 C
Minimum Operating Humidity  10 %
Minimum Operating Temperature  5 C


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