Mouse sticks a bit on HP ze5185

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My boss just gave me his old ze5185 because he was having trouble with
the keyboard and mouse. Actually he was going to throw it away and I
asked for it and got it.

The keyboard does have some keys that need to be pressed a bit hard.
But the mouse is more problematic. (I've just wiped and formatted and
reinstalled XP Pro. Apparently I was supposed to leave a small
partition for hibernation but I didn't - I don't really need that

The touch pad works ok but I hate them. But a ps/2 mouse moves pretty
smoothly except sometimes it sticks a bit and then jumps to where it
should be. Almost like it was a dog sniffing at a hydrant and then
running to catch up. I've tried another mouse and it does the same

I downloaded and installed all of the HP drivers that I can find. I'm
in the process of installing SP2.

Any suggestions on smoothing that mouse? I haven't tried a USB one
yet. I have one at home so I'll try it later.

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