Mouse movement too slow

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I have a Dell Inspiron widescreen uxvga and the mouse, a basic
trackball for PC's, is too slow. How to have it faster? The speed
setting is set to max.
tried setting the following registery key from 0 to 2:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->Mouse->Mouse Speed
It takes affect during boot up and works well but after completing the
bootup, the speed is the same.

Thank you.


Re: Mouse movement too slow

AA Arens wrote:
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Re: Mouse movement too slow

Quaoar wrote:
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My cat was not too slow to post a blank response!  The problem might be
that the ultra-high number of pixels on the uxvga is too many for the
trackball to move at the speed you need, especially if the trackball was
designed for say 800x600 originally.  The sampling rate might be too low
and fixed by the trackball mechanical/electronic design.

If you can find the sampling rate in the mouse control panel, you might
try increasing it there.  Some mouses have it, some don't.


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