Mount Slim (Laptop) CD/DVD drives in Desktop

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Does anyone know of mounting frames that will allow two slim (laptop
style) Cd/DVD drives to mount in a 5 1/4 drive bay on a desktop system.
I've run out of mounting spaces for drives on my media PC and am
thinking about using slim (laptop) devices to recover some space.

Re: Mount Slim (Laptop) CD/DVD drives in Desktop

Are you referring to something like this:

or do you mean an actual rail or bed type of thing that the drive would
mount to and then that rail/bed would mount in the drive bay? I would say
that a standard bed type mount could be modified by drilling your own holes
for the screws if that is what you are looking for.


Re: Mount Slim (Laptop) CD/DVD drives in Desktop

I've seen the connector adapters but I'm looking for physical mounts to
allow one or two slim drives to mount in a 5 1/4" drive bay in place of
a single DVD drive. Strange that someone makes a connector adapter for
a standard desktop IDE connector but there is no physical mount

Re: Mount Slim (Laptop) CD/DVD drives in Desktop

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I have seen them,  but I don't remember where it was that I saw them
on-line once.  I personally have one from an old Compaq Proliant 1450
server,  except that it appears to be about 2/3 or 3/4 the height of a
standard DVD drive,  and it takes a Compaq multibay drive allowing you
to connect it to standard IDE cables and drive power connector.  The
mounting connector is about twice the height of the modular drive.

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