Motorola S9HD and Samsung NC10 bluetooth stereo

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Having loved my Motorola S9 headset for many years, I ordered the new
Motorola S9HD that came in, today.  (street price about $60 on the net).  
I paired it in WinXPSP3 to both the A2DP and Handsfree protocols, which
are separately available in WinXP.  I also checked for it to control
Skype on the netbook, my phone of choice.  When you activate Skype, the
A2DP mutes so you can take the call, then resumes when the Skype call is
over...very nice.  Skype does NOT respond to the phone controls,
however, which isn't much of an issue to me.

The HD has improved many things.  The external sound isolation is nearly
total.  I cannot hear a noisy window AC running right next to me.  My
sellphone rang with a loud ringtone and I couldn't hear it, but saw the
display light up on the desk in front of me...

The sound from the standard bt interface on the NC10 is simply
beautiful.  The new S9HD fits tighter than the old S9.  It clamps
tighter and gets a better seal on its really soft rubber cups without
pinching my big elephant ears.  You hardly know its on you.

I've been cycling the new Li-Ion battery pack all night from the netbook
Winamp.  We'll see if it's still running in the morning.  I like to
cycle all new Li-Ion battery packs 3 times as deep as they'll go, then
quickly recharge and repeat to get them up to capacity correctly.

The S9HD must have a better antenna or RF transceiver in it than the S9.  
The S9 has a "dead spot" if you hold your head just right out in the
open where the microwaves don't have anything to bounce off of to fill
the gap.  The S9HD has no dead spot like that I can find.  It starts to
drop out around 60 feet from the netbook, making going to refill your
drink at a burger joint easy without missing the audio.  The fidelity is
amazing.  There is absolutely NO MECHANICAL NOISES from the soft rubber
headset.  They even improved the "feel" of the buttons on the outside of
the earpieces to prevent pressing the wrong one in the blind.

Well, if you're looking for great audio on your bluetooth netbooks, I
highly recommend the Motorola S9HD available in black or white.  No more
red trim to alert the cops who might want to make an issue out of you
wearing headphones in the car.....They are less noticable to others,

Doesn't everyone have a blinking LED on the back of their necks??

Each tiny red dot is an airliner in this Quicktime movie, ONE recent day
air travel in the USA.  What would happen if "they" found out this was
the real source of air pollution or cancer or why all the bugs around my
streetlight have disappeared?  Would "they" tell us?  Would "they" STOP

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