Motorola E680 and OS X - internet connexion impossible?

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I have a mobile phone Motorola E680
I have a Mac with OS X 10.4.2

I am not able to connect my mac to internet via blue tooth because the
motorola modem driver is not present inside the modem listing.

Does any one have this modem driver? or which one should I use?

Other question:

- if connexio by blue tooth does not work can we connect via USB?
(which driver to use)
- isync does not recognize this mobile phone, any way to recognize it?
- How can I upgrade from E680 to E680i

Thanks a lot in advance

Re: Motorola E680 and OS X - internet connexion impossible?

Dear all,

I finally found a way to connect my e680 to GPRS internet via USB cable

What I have: Motorola e680 and Mac OS X 10.4.2

Some facts:

- I cannot connect e680 via bluetooth (Log: Failed to open
/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem: Device busy)
- isync does NOT recognize this phone in any way (no address book sync,
no ical sync, no internet connexion)
- I can transfer files via bluetooth or USB
- I can connect to internet GPRS in USB mode and here is the

1. Install the modem script (sprint pcs vision) from

inside "/Library/Modem Scripts" folder

2. Put your e680 in modem mode (Setup / USB Mode / Modem)

3. Plug the USB cable to your mac and your e680

4. Go to System Preferences / Network

It says a new port has been detected "Motorola USB Modem"

5. Go to System Preferences / Network / Motorola USB Modem / ppp

Set up the telephone for GPRS (given by the telephone company)

i.e. in Thailand, I use AIS ...

Telephone= 900937
no user name
no password

6. Go to System Preferences / Network / Motorola USB Modem / modem /
Select "Sprint PCS Vision"

7. Click Apply Now

8. Click Internet Connect / Select Motorola USB Modem / Click Connect /


Some screen captures here (not the same phone though): /

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e680 & OSX & GPRS Internet via USB cable

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