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My laptop recently broke, so I took it in to some computer
specialists, and they told me that the motherboard went bad, and it
can't find the hard drive, so therefore it is impossible to startup.
They told me it would be $600 to get it replaced, but i knew that was
BS. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me find a new
compatible motherboard to buy for under $300.

I'm sure you need the system specs, but i don't have them because of
my situation. I went to the IBM website and found out what i could,
which wasn't much:

P(entium)3 MHz (256KB) 64MB RAM 20.0 GB 14.1 TFT 1024x768 8x-2x DVD,
3Com Combo, Win98

IBM Thinkpad Laptop A21m type 2628

I have it upgraded to Win XP pro, if that makes any difference.

I want one that will also support a LAN (adelphia), and a modem(for
when i'm not @ home)
Also, the warranty is long gone, so i have no help from IBM   :(

Please post if you need more system specs and know how to find them

Help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Re: Motherboard Problems

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You could have posted more spec's, but the upshot is that you will likely
only be able to replace what's already there.

Ebay for a broken laptop of the same model.  You'll need some technical
acumen to swap out the motherboard, but it can be done.  I've done it, and
probably many others who post here have as well.

Keep in mind that you need a laptop with a good motherboard (ONLY).  Any
other pieces you get with the deal will either sweeten the deal--to keep as
spares in case anything else breaks--or just be useless expenditure.  The
only bits that might be immediately useful would be a second working
battery, more memory (if you've got free slots), or a spare power
supply...perhaps a better optical drive than the one you have.

You can get modem and LAN capabilities with USB or PCMCIA add-ons.  If the
original motherboard did not have these capabilities built in (unless they
were optional, and included whatever deal you locate), then the new one
won't have them either.

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