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I've built several desktop PC's and am very comfortable with hardware
upgrade.  I was wondering how much more difficult it is to replace a
laptop's motherboard?

I hear the Dell tech's can do it in about 10 minutes so I'm thinking it
can't be that hard for someone familiar with desktop hardware.

Re: Motherboard wrote:
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No, it's not hard, but don't expect it to take just 10 minutes.  Doing it
for the first time, you're looking at an hour or more.  There is a lot of
disassembly involved -- you're probably looking at 30 screws and 8-9
different pieces to be removed.  Usually you'll dismantle the whole laptop
before you can remove the motherboard.  

Take your time, get a Torx screwdriver set, and learn the appropriate
amount of force necessary to take plastic bits apart without breaking
them.  And be sure to document which screw/standoff/doohickey goes where.

Re: Motherboard

Depends on the laptop.  On some, it's easy, but on some it's almost
impossible (in fact, on some models, a replacement motherboard comes
with a replacement lower case plastic and some other components, because
it IS all but impossible.

The variation in laptop assembly technology is tremendous, across the
board.  Even hard drive replacmeent can vary from single screw by
end-user to hours and extrememly difficult. wrote:

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Re: Motherboard

The laptop in question would be a Dell.  I think its a latitude but I'm
not 100% sure.

Barry Watzman wrote:
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thinking it

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