Mose Button Settings? Is anything better than the defaults?

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We can customize a lot in computer systems, particularly if the system
is to be used only by one individual. I'd like to discuss some of the
mouse settings.

With my laptop, my main computer, I'm now I'm using a Targus
Notebook Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse.

(By the way: It uses 2 AAA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. The
ones it came with are rated at 700 milli Amp hour (mAh), which gives a
disappointingly short life. I'm going to replace them with ones rated
1,000 mAh. Since the mouse goes into a sleep mode after 8 minutes, I
don't suppose there's much of an advantage to turning off the mouse
when it's not in use. )

Now, the settings. For some time now, I've kept to the default
settings on mousees except I change the middle button (the scroll-
wheel button) to produce the Enter keystroke. But now I'm using
SketchUp a lot, and this setting interferes with the ability to press
the scroll-wheel button and get the Orbit tool.

So now I back experimenting with the plain old default settings for
the mouse buttons. What do other people use? Do any of you find any
advantage using something other than the default mouse-button settings
for your mouse?

My OS is Windows XP Home SP2. Mostly I use Firefox, Office
2007, and I'm learning SketchUp 6.

   (||)   Nehmo   (||)

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