More aggressive speedstep?

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I have a Pentium III 750, which speedsteps down to 600 on battery.
However, I would like to be able to use more aggressive speed stepping
when I know I am not doing anything CPU-intensive to gain additional
battery savings.  I know that this can be accomplished to some degree
by switching SpeedStep into degrade mode/Max Battery.  (I am using
WinXP with SpeedSwitchXP)   Is there any way to manually shift my
computer into, say, 300 MHz mode even when my battery is near 100%
charged to really maximize its life?

Re: More aggressive speedstep?


le 22/08/2006 18:43, Daveman750 ecrivit :

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Intel Speedstep utility ? Or maybe a BIOS parameter....

Re: More aggressive speedstep?

Win XP takes care of everything, speedstep utility can't even be
installed.  SpeedSwitchXP gives a UI similar to Speedstep utility, but
is just a front end to the Windows driver.  AFAIK, once you boot into a
SpeedStep-aware operating system, that overrides everything in the BIOS

Florent Gilles wrote:
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Re: More aggressive speedstep?

Daveman750 wrote:
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My laptop has 1.7G 600M steps.  SpeedSwitchXP has a readout that I
assume is average cpu speed.  Mine consistenly reads in the low 20MHz
range when I'm not doing anything and the processor is stone cold.
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