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I've looked at many offerings from Acer to Toshiba and am just not finding a
unit that meets my needs or trade off to be acceptable for my uses.

The requirements

AMD CPU's preferred, but Intel is acceptable
Dual core is preferred
1GB RAM min., 2GB proffered
17" widescreen and above only, nothing smaller

Dual band 5.8GHz (A) & 2.4GHz (B/g) wifi card, dual band A/B is fine too, will
settle for single band B or B/G if the model meets many of the other
requirements like the one below especially.

SD Card reader (multiformat is OK too, but SD is required) built in
120GB HD or bigger
TWO (2) PCMCIA slots
1 1GB LAN port
2 External USB slots
S-Video or Composite Video out (NO DRM HDMI)
Prefer that they come with XP Pro SP2 and not vista
High degree of linux comparability
At least ONE (1) 9 Pin Serial port for use with a GPS unit/puck in NEMA mode
CD and DVD all format writer, DVD DL a plus, but not an absolute
Bluetooth linking would be a plus, but not a requirement.
Built in speakers
Optical drive swap out for floppy and/or battery would be a plus, but not a

If it has intergrated CDMA 800/1900 EVDO (GSM type data not useable, CDMA only)
built in thats a plus, but not a deal breaker as thats why I want 2 PCMCIA slots
I can go to the cell co and add a PCMCIA data card.

The units need the larger screens as they will be used in one on one tutoring
sessions, and as well as an custom online application that needs as much screen
real estate as possible. 17" is the min. 20" the preferred.

Some things that are not on the table:
1) Gateway - too much bad equipment and issues in the past, no thanks
2) Panasonic Toughbooks, nice, but tooo $$$$$ for the budget.
3) Any unit that is a CD writer only. DVD writing capable only
4) HD/Blu Ray optical is not wanted or needed
5) TV tuners are not needed

Travel will be a daily part of the use as will use as desktop replacement. So
something than can stand up to daily travel, mostly in a car, and in a hot to
mostly warm year round climate, would be a plus. Thats why I looked at the
Panasonics, but out of the question on $$$$ alone.

I've found an HP dv9000z and an Acer 9300 series that meet many of the needs.
The Acer has the much desired built in card reader. The acers web cam while not
a must is nice in that it would make video conferencing a realistic possibility.

The S-Video/Composite would help when giving presentations and the site doesn't
accept a VGA output.

I am I missing units that might be able to fill my needs?

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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