MiTAC 3026E Notebook386sx

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As I opened my laptop and took out it's AA size,3.6V,Tadiran Lithium
Inorganic Battery for atleast 24 hr when adapter supply cord to laptop
heated and it stopped responding.
I have broken and refixed pigtail type fuse (of non specified rating)of
it's adapter today,miraculously both adapter and laptop responded but
laptop showing configuartion error due to coprocessor,fixed disk
failure,incorrect memory size setup,bad hard disk controller/drive.
I read following while laptop responded:
GD610/620 Rev C,VGA BIOS Version 3.03(R1.02)
Copyright(C) Cirrus Logic In. 1989-1991
Copyright(C)Award Software Inc.1984-1988.All rights Reserved.
Chips LeAPset BIOS version 117(R1.06)
Decompilation/Disassembly prohibited.
00640K System RAM Passed
00384K Shadow RAM Passed
01024K EMS Memory Passed
Moving System BIOS to Shadow RAM
Moving Video BIOS to Shadow RAM
Configuration error due to coprocessor
Fixed Disk failure
Press F1 to continue,F2 to run setup----

I entered set up :
Drive Type as 4-1.44MB-3.5" 80 Tracks HD
Drive Type 46-549(Cyln)-8Hds-38Spt-65535Precom-549Land
CPU Speed 20MHz
EMS I/Os-208H,Size:1MB,Base:D0000H,Extended:0KB,Realloc384:No

Its giving following mesasge:
1)Use AC Power
2)Disable Suspend/resume mode
3)Disable shadow BIOS
4)make sure total memory does not exceed 1MB.

I want to know where is wrong and how to fix errors and run laptop

Re: MiTAC 3026E Notebook386sx

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Because you removed the CMOS battery, the configuration information has been
lost and needs to be re-entered in the "set up"  (cmos / bios setup) that
you went into. CPU speed will be correct - it's not bios changable in
machines of that era.

It sounds like you need to inform the BIOS about the type of disk that is in
there. In a machine of that era (20mhz 386), there may not be the option to
"autodetect hard disk", so you might have to physically remove the hard disk
and look at the information written atop of it (heads, sectors, cylinders,
landing zone etc.) and enter this into the BIOS setup.

From the sounds of it there may be an option in there for saying whether a
Math Co-Processor is present or not, and this options is set wrong. SX
processors had the math co-pro disabled, so you should find the option and
set it to "Not present" or whatever.

Best of luck. Do you really still use such an old machine?

Re: MiTAC 3026E Notebook386sx

Thats for learning and innovations + keep as antique.

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