MiTAC 3026E Can't make it on

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Max Rating:11V-2.8A

I worked on my laptop by connecting its AC Adapter(Model3026A-ADA)
through wall outlet.
AC Input:100-240V,1.0A,50/60Hz
DC Output:11V-2.8A
Laptop failed to open,does not shows Power light on its front
cover.After minutes of connection to Power Socket,I touched cord from
Adapter to Laptop which became hot,I feel smell of burning not sure
from where exactl.I checked underside of Laptop where Power Cord
connected was also warm.
On Power Cord Cable(10 Wires) to Laptop  following is written:
AWM E101344 STYLE 2464 VW-1 300V 80 Centigrade Space Shuttle
Its wonder why it failed to make my laptop working as reading above
shows that it can withstand 80 Celcius.
Any help/suggestion pls.
Will I open the adapter to check it's Protection fuse T1A/250V?

Re: MiTAC 3026E Can't make it on

In an effort to take out fuse,I have totally broken fuse glass,it was
still intact with it's right/left terminals fixed in a metal cap with
strong soldered legs.I have taken these remains of fuse legs to see If
I can buy the same and solder it on it's previous pads.
Can I run laptop without fixing fuse for Adapter?

Re: MiTAC 3026E Can't make it on

Damage is being already committed,I can do only solder from newly
purchased gun,not sure how to unsolder if situation require in future.
My foot and palm injured due to glass remains of fuse stuck to skin.
Can I unsolder the same fuse from a printer adapter and fix it to
laptop adapter,what should be looked in laptop as a first step?  After
opening laptop,I found AA size,3.6V,one Tadiran Lithium Inorganic
Battery.I need to check this is working or failed.

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