Mini-PCI wireless cards - advice please

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I have a Compaq Presario 700.  This has a mini-PCI slot so I am considering
adding a wireless (54/g) wireless LAN card.  Whilst I know desktop hardware
well, I'm less knowledgable on laptops so some questions...

- Do these mini-PCI cards typically have external or just internal antenna?
- What is the range of such a card?
- Would it be better to just buy a PCMCIA card instead?  Yes/No/Why?

Thanks for any guidance offered.
Paul DS.
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Re: Mini-PCI wireless cards - advice please

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They have no antennas at all.  They depend on an antenna being
connected.  Laptops set up for wifi mini-pci cards typically have nice
big internal antennas inside the screen assembly.

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If the laptop has a nice big antenna inside the screen assembly, the
wifi range can be greater than a pcmcia card would have.

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A pc card gives you more flexibility, but fills a pc card slot, and
has its own antenna sticking out the side of the machine that can snag
or bump on things, so you have to remove it when you transport the
laptop, etc.  All in all, if you can use it, an internal mini-pci card
is nicer.  But it's not always possible.

Re: Mini-PCI wireless cards - advice please

Paul Rubin wrote:
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You want to check that mini-pci slot carefully to verify that it is not
simply an empty space - some vendors do not install a main board that
has any connector in the slot if the laptop was not ordered originally
with the mini-pci card.  Also you must see two antenna wires to connect
to the card.

From my limited experience, the newest mini-pci cards are very good,
better than any pc-card i've used.  Much more sensitive to weaker


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