Micron Trek 2 PII333 Laptop - Specs?

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Just bought a Trek 2 on eBay.  Complete and at a price I'm happy with.
Just waiting for it to arrive and see if the seller was honest or not!  lol

Yeah, I know it's only 333 MHz and has 128 MB of RAM, but for my needs it's
dandy.  Surprisingly for an older machine, it has a 14" TFT display.  My
previous Toshibas of the time (1998/1999) had only 12" or 13" screens.

Anyhow, since it seems Micron has dumped computers in favor of memory chips,
it's hard to find specs.

Does anyone know if this machine runs at 1024x768 or what I'm really hoping,
1280x1024?  The seller showed photos of the machine booted and running
Windows XP and it looked like there was enough width in the Taskbar to be
running at 1280x1024... got me excited!

I've had loads of older Toshiba Satellite Pro laptops (490CDT, 440CDT, etc)
as well as a Presario 1694 in the past and they felt like solid machines
despite being basic workhorses with no frills.  How well built are these
Microns?  I just want a simple, all-in-one machine without all of the extra
"shortcut" buttons and instant launch crapola for web browsing and email in
the lviing room and this Micron looks like it should fit the bill.


Re: Micron Trek 2 PII333 Laptop - Specs?

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Micron became MPC Computers a couple of years ago.

This link should get you in the right direction for laptops.  Pick the
corrseponding Trek 2 from the list (hopefully the seller listed the
"U" number or model number):


stlview at earthlink dot net does't get checked very often...



Re: Micron Trek 2 PII333 Laptop - Specs?

Oooh, information!

Interesting... MPC.  Thanks!

And damn, only 1024x768.  Oh well.

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Re: Micron Trek 2 PII333 Laptop - Specs?

Steve TR wrote:
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That generation of laptops were usually maxed at 1024x768.  Dell and IBM
had greater resolutions, but were very difficult to read with the
monitors of the day.


Re: Micron Trek 2 PII333 Laptop - Specs?

Yep, it's here and it's 1024x768.  Still a beautiful screen, though.  Bright
and vibrant.  Heck, this old machine still has a decent battery... I can get
about 1:20 minutes out of it.    An eBay seller was actually honest!  lol

Feels like a nice solid machine and it performs well running Windows 2000


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