MicroDIMM memory?

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I'm looking for 128MB PC100 MicroDIMM
ram for a Toshiba 3480CT.
I find it listed online at memory dealers,
but it's priced at 50x the value of the laptop,
and it's not in stock anyway.

I'm gonna have to find some at a garage sale or
swapmeet.  But here's my problem.
Sony uses ram that looks exactly like it, but
has different part numbers.  I've looked at a lot
of dealer descriptions.  Not one claimed compatibility
with sony and toshiba for the same part.
Not at all clear
what's different about it.  Are they really
incompatible?  Cause buying a whole used laptop
is very often MUCH cheaper than buying a single part.
If the sony-compatible ram works, that doubles my
probability of success.

If I see a MicroDIMM, how can I tell if it will
work in my Toshiba without plugging it in?

Again, this is NOT typical laptop ram.  It's
1.5" wide and 1.25" tall MicroDIMM.

Thanks, mike

Re: MicroDIMM memory?

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http://cgi.ebay.com/128MB-128-RAM-Memory-for-Toshiba-Portege-3440CT-3480CT_ =

Re: MicroDIMM memory?

Victor wrote:
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So why not buy a second Toshiba 3480CT.
Just for the memory, and sell the remains??

Re: MicroDIMM memory?

Sjouke Burry wrote:
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Like I said, that's a $57 memory for a $2 laptop.  Ain't gonna happen.
I'll add it if I can find it cheap.
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Because they come with 64 or 96MB, which is what I already have.
Gotta take out 64 to put in 128.
It's cheaper to buy a newer laptop with 512MB of ram.

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