Memory upgrade on Toshiba M45

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I have a Toshiba M45 S169 with 512 Meg of memory; I'd like to upgrade
that to 1 GB. The Toshiba docs state that there are two memory slots,
but I can only find one (under the panel in the middle of the back, as
shown in the User's Guide). Crucial Memory's CrucialScan confirms that
there are two slots, one of which has 512 M and the other of which is
empty. The slot I found has the 512M SODIMM.

I called Toshiba tech support, and they told me that the empty slot is
located under the keybard (!), and that I would have to take the unit to
an authorized service center to add memory in that slot (!!) Given that
the nearest service center is over 120 miles away, that is not an option
for me.

Does anyone know of a source for service docs for this system? Or some
set of instructions for accessing the hidden memory slot?


Jim Johnson

Re: Memory upgrade on Toshiba M45

You can probably find what you need here:

Note, this page contains instructions for total disassembly, which isn't
what you want to do, but in the process you should see what is necessary
to remove the keyboard.

If you have 512MB currently and want to go to 1GB, and if the 512MB is
one single module (it could be two 256's), then all that you need to do
is add a second 512MB module.  If the current module is in the socket
under the keyboard, then you don't necessarily need to remove the keyboard.

But, note ....

If this model supports dual channel memory (not sure if it does or not),
you should insure that the two modules are architecturally identical,
otherwise while it will work, the speed of the memory system will be cut
in half.  In that case, if adding a module, you need to be sure that
it's architecturally identical to the existing module, OR replace both
modules.  For most people, unless they can find another identical
module, it's not easily possible to determine if a different module
(perhaps even made with a different brand of chips) is or is not
"architecturally identical", so replacing both modules becomes the most
straightforward way to go (then sell the removed module on E-Bay).

Sheila wrote:
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Re: Memory upgrade on Toshiba M45

I have this notebook and have added a 512MB SODIMM. Both slots are
accessible under the bottom memory compartment cover. You do NOT need to
remove the keyboard. The empty SODIMM slot is "hiding" in plain sight at the
far left. Just slip in the SODIMM and push down to lock in place. The two
SODIMMS will be visible in a staggered array when done. I have no idea why
Toshiba support said you had to remove the keyboard.

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Re: Memory upgrade on Toshiba M45

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So he would have to send it to the service center.... ;-)

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Re: Memory upgrade on Toshiba M45

When the laptops come with onboard ram, its under the keyboard, not vica

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