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According to the System icon, my IBM T22 sometimes starts up with a
RAM of 130 MB (I suppose that means 128) and sometimes with 260 MB.
The physical memory installed is two 128 MB units.
I've tried cleaning the contacts on the memories, but it makes no

What determjnes the amount of memory at startup? Is there any reason
that one of the memories might not be recognised at startup sometimes
and not others?


Re: memory on startup

<Salvador Freemanson> wrote in message
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Sounds like you've got the wrong type of memory installed?

You need PC100 memory, not PC133. Thinkpads are notoriouslyfussy about using
the right memory.


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Re: memory on startup

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 12:47:29 GMT, "JHEM"

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Thanks. I've just checked, it is PC100 memory.

Re: memory on startup

My Name wrote:
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You have one failing RAM chip, or a failing RAM socket. Install one chip
at a time for several boots, swapping RAM sockets with that one chip.
If there is a failure note the socket involved, then do the same with
the other RAM chip.  Note the socket and the chip involved in the
failure. If the second chip results in no failures, then the first RAM
chip has failed. If the second chip results in a failure, the the socket
containing the chip has failed and it will be the same (hopefully) as
the first socket failure.

A RAM chip failure is correctable.  A socket failure is not without a
mainboard replacement (it could be a solder failure in the socket).


Re: memory on startup


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I did start doing somthing like this, but thought that maybe one
socket has priority at startup.
So I guess it's probably a socket failure. Anyway, I'll do the test
again, more  systematically.


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