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Hi all,

I'm from Poland (thats why I have no idea how mail-in rabate works) and I'm
going to buy Notebook in Circuit City (notbook will be ordered by the phone,
delivered to home in Chicago). I'm wondering if the mail in rabate presented
on Circuit City web pages will be the same as when I order it by phone?
There is a difference when I order notebook on internet store or using
phone? I hope that mail-in rabate will be the same in both cases.

Thank for any informations,


Re: mail-in rabate

Unless you have a US mailing address (and a real address, not a post
office box), you may be unable to ever get the rebate.

Even if you do have a US mailing address, some of the retailers
sometimes offer different rebates (or none at all) for online (or
direct, e.g. phone) orders vs. walk-in retail purchases, but most
Circuit City rebates are available both in-store and online.

DarekM wrote:

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Re: mail-in rabate


I have used them and had about a 90% success in receiving them to date.

BUT, I write a detailed cover letter that includes scans of all the
requisite documentation they require be sent in (rebate receipt, bar code,
Internet form, etc.) and save it to my hard drive as well as printing a copy
to hang on my office wall until the promised check arrives.

In at least one case where it did NOT come through, Circuit City made good
on it with a credit to my card. BUT, Circuit City NEVER made good on the
wireless card I was supposed to get some four years ago with this laptop
even though I had to send in $15 for the shipping.

Generally, I avoid rebates if at all possible. I have not figured out why
they use them, but think rebates for an item forecast future price drops for
the item - e.g. wait a while and find it for the same net price w/o need for
rebate from same, or some other vendor.

Do read the details carefully. If they say they will ship the laptop to the
address but not the rebate check, you have a real problem.

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Re: mail-in rabate

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Rebates are used as a sales gimmick that costs less than simply marking the
item down. The reason it costs less is that a significant percentage of
people never follow through on the rebate submission and, of those that do,
another significant percentage fail to do the submission properly. And
although I can't prove it, I suspect that the outfits that handle the
rebates will deny rebates at random if more folks than expected actually
make a valid submission. If you haven't made backup copies of your
submission and it's denied then you're out of luck. The reason I suspect
such dishonesty is that one of my submissions was denied but I had the
backup documentation which they finally accepted along with a stern note
regarding additional action I would take if they did not pay up. (it was for

Re: mail-in rabate


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If the rebate is an important part of your purchase decision, don't
make the purchase! Most rebates are valid, but some seem to be simply
scams. The rebates that offer a huge portion of the purchase price
back are the most difficult to actually get, in my experience.
Charlie Hoffpauir

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