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Can somebody tell me what kind of cable I can use for sending video to a tv
that has an RCA connection ?

Irwin Opper

Re: LT to TV


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That depends entirely on what sort of video output your laptop has.

Both of my IBM-era Thinkpads have S-Video out, but the older TP600E uses
a tiny proprietary connector. I was lucky to find the appropriate IBM
cable before they were all gone.

Bert Hyman    St. Paul, MN

Re: LT to TV

Irwin Opper typed on Sat, 8 May 2010 10:56:12 -0400:
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Hello Irwin. In the subject says: "LT to TV". What is LT? What kind of
video outputs do you have? As that makes a difference on what kind of
cable you will need.

And did you ever see a computer video on a TV set before? They are not
generally very good. As TV sets generally have a resolution (pixel
pitch, which isn't necessarily the same thing as dot pitch) of like 5
times worse than computer monitors for starters. And RCA inputs is going
to produce a very blurry image on any TV anyway. Are you aware of all

Gateway M465e ('06 era) - Windows XP SP3

Re: LT to TV

What video?  What is the source of the video?

Unless the computer (be it a laptop or a desktop) has a composite NTSC
video output, you need an active DEVICE, not a cable.  If the computer's
video card doesn't offer it, there is no easy or simple way to convert
any form of computer video (VGA, DVI, HDMI) into NTSC composite video
(the technical name for the "yellow jack" signal).

Devices that do it are available, the best source is E-Bay, expect to
pay anywhere from $25 to $75.

Irwin Opper wrote:
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