low resolution on XGA

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I have DEC (Hinote Ultra 2000) laptop with 14.1" XGA (1024*768) screen. In
resolutions 800*600 and 640*480 viewable screen is on center -with black
borders. In other laptops (Dell, CaliforniaAcces etc.)screen are automatic
resize to full screen.
On HP/Compaq website there is not drivers for this LCD (I have Windows Me),
and there is not any special key to resize screen.
How can I resize to full scren on low resolution? Any drivers, software,
emulation low resolution on XGA?


Re: low resolution on XGA

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Try checking in the BIOS to see if there's any option to scale up the

Depending on the age of your laptop though you may be out of luck
though.  I have an old Dell latitude CPXj with the same size screen (in
terms of resolution) and if I use any resolution lower then 1024x768 I
end up with a small picture and black borders.  There is no option to
scale the display unfortunately.

I also have a Dell Latitude D810 though and that has the ability to
scale the picture irrespective of the resolution to the native
resolution of the panel, which is 1650x1050.



Re: low resolution on XGA

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On... Atari ST ;) was "Low Resolution Emulator" -it emulated 320*200/16
colours on Hi-res 640*400/2 colours (in full screen)... Is available
simmilar appication for Windows? ;)))

Re: low resolution on XGA

You need to find the right drivers.  I'd think that a web search may
turn them up.  If you can't find drivers for the laptop model, the next
best option is to look for drivers for the video chips (quite possibly
one of the various C&T (Chips and Technology) chipsets).

Even if there is an option to scale the lower resolutions up, you really
don't want to do that.

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