LOW PRICE Used Computer Hardware

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I have many used computer parts in very very good condition for sale
and I am wondering if you are interested in buying any of them. The
list is included below:

- TigerPro 300W Power Supply
- Pentium 4 Mother Board (Not Sure Which Speed But It is atleast 1.3
Ghz and Probably Much More)
- PC-133 128 Megabyte RAM
- PC-133 128 Megabyte RAM
- PC-100 128 Megabyte RAM
- Western Digital 30.7 GIG Hard Drive
- DVD-ROM Drive (Not Sure Which Speed)
- 1.44 Megabyte Floppy Drive
- Sound Blaster Live! Card: Creative Labs Model Number: CT4830
- V-DATA 23MB XP-2800 Graphics Card
- Intel NIC/Ethernet Card
- Creative 56k Modem Card
- Creative 56k Modem Card

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in any of
the above items. Please contact me via e-mail: mnm2004bft@alltel.net
(I'm offering to sell someof these items for even less than 10
dollars!) Thank You!


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