lost drivers for Dell D800

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Hi guys

I just got a Computer Dell D800, it was completely empty and I just
installed Win Xp Pro SP2 on it... Unfortunately not all the drivers are
there, it says in the device manager that these drivers are not

Base System Device
Ethernet Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller
PCI Modem
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

The characteristics of the computer as far as i know:

Dell D800
Processor Pentium M 1.6 GHz
15.4 " Widescreen
GeForce4 4200 Go 64 MB?

Does someone of you know which drivers i should download and where
could i get the them? thanks a lot!!


Re: lost drivers for Dell D800

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does it have a Dell tag number on it, if so then go to the Dell web, support
and punch in that number. If no tag then a call to Dell may help, does it
have any serial numbers.............

Re: lost drivers for Dell D800

hey now that's a concept!! get a new computer that's empty and install what
you want instead of all the ad crap they stuff in them, I spent a 1/2 day
undeleting programs from my Compaq v2000.

I'm sure you can find all your drivers on the Dell Website, but make sure
you get the right model/serial number. My Compaq had over 65 different
versions of the same brand!!! seems they throw them together with whatever
parts are laying around. I finally looked on the box and found the model
number, not v2000 but v2135us. For the v2000, the logical place to look for
the newest drivers I saw the most convoluted website, all kinds of different
drivers. Of course I picked the wrong one and got the damn thing all loused
up. Did a reinstall and used theSUPPLIED cd's and it still was fucked up. It
took a second reinstall and a download of the newest drivers, bios upgrade
from HP's web site for THAT model and now all is well.

guess I"m saying be slow and careful on what you download and try to install
to avoid the headaches I went through. what a pain in the ass. To be fair,
HP's email support was fast, but not too helpful as I know enough when to
surrender and reinstall.


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Re: lost drivers for Dell D800

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These are the Motherboard chipset drivers.  You should find them on the Dell
site, or, if you can identify the chipset, from the chipset manufacturer's

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