Loose screen hinges on Dell C600 laptop....

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I have a Dell C600 where the screen just pretty much flops around and
won't hold due to loose hinges.  The screen pretty much has to be
propped up in order for me to be able to use the laptop or it will just
lay down.
I took the screen apart and the entire display unit including the screen
  looks like a "single use" item meaning the whole thing would have to
be replaced together and not detachable.
I normally see screen assemblies where the hinges are detachable but not
so in this case unless I missed something.
Is there a fix for this problem, or am I right with the diagnosis ?
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Re: Loose screen hinges on Dell C600 laptop....

It's almost certain that your analysis is incorrect.  I have never seen
a laptop where the LCD was so integrated with the lid that they had to
be replaced together (although I have seen instances where, to replace
the LCD, you ordered an entire lid).  There is normally no fix for loose
hinges other than to replace the hinges (a very few laptops used to have
adjustable hinges .... have not seen that recently).  Normally the
hinges are a part all by themselves (well, two parts), and you don't
necessarily have to replace either the lid or the lcd panel.  I'm just
generalizing, however, as I don't know your model.  Why don't you get
the service manual and see what it says?

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