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Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations on a new development machine
to replace my Inspiron 9100.

I do a lot of graphics / software development so require 2 gb ram
minimum, plenty of disk space and generaly good kit thats gonna last
me a while.  The purchase wasnt planned but i've been getting a lot of
hardware issues with my Dell so its time to upgrade.

I've been looking at the HP Pavillion 9590 -
which seems like a great spec for the price, but without ever using
one I'm wondering if its going to be the power hungry horse that my
Dell is ?

One thing I really hate about the Dell and if i'd have know I wouldnt
have bought it is the noise the thing makes.  I got it when they first
came out with a 3.4Ghz P4 in it and boy does it generate heat, so the
fans are always very active.

I'm looking to spend no more than1200 so if anyone has any thoughts/
recommendations or reviews on the HP above it'd be appreciated to hear
what you've to say.


Re: Looking for recommendations

Personally, I would do all I could to avoid an HP laptop.  My regard for
HP's support and their attitude for their customers is negative.

You should not exclude Dell.  The issues you cite have to do with the
technology of that product.  It does not apply to Dell across the board,
and it would also apply to other vendors (including HP) in products that
used that technology.

You can buy a Dell and if you don't like it, you can return it.  I'm not
pushing Dell here, it's only one of a number of brands that I would
consider, but HP and Sony are two brands that I exclude more or less
from the start.  I like Dell and Toshiba, and lots of others are ok (I'm
thrilled with a Gateway low-end laptop I got recently (MT6711), but I
think it's too low-end for your needs).  But I avoid Sony and HP because
of support and "customer attitude" issues.

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Re: Looking for recommendations

I agree with your verdict of Gateway machines, I have a MT6223TB which
i'm having to use to type this on since the Dell is Kaput.  I bought
it purely for testing and it was the cheapest one I could get at the
time. I'm very surprised at the quality. Light as anything, nice
screen, responsive too.

A colleague has one of the older widescreen HP's and I was quite
impressed with that, very nice screen and I liked the inclusion of
numeric keypad, so his recommendation is what got me looking at
those.  Toshiba's are up on my list also but I dont think theres
anything that matches the spec of the HP at the same price.

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Re: Looking for recommendations

The issues that I have with HP are not with the hardware, they are with
the company itself ... in a nutshell, they don't seem to give a damn
about their customers, either in the design of their products, or in
their attitudes.  If you want examples, look back over the "Gripe Line"
column in Infoworld.  Sony is the same way (worse, even, by most accounts).

I find it very unlikely that HP has a model for which there is not a
comparable Toshiba (or Dell, or Gateway, for that matter) model.

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