** Looking for Parts: MPC TransPort T3100 laptop **

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If you're familiar with MPC, you know by now that they filed for
bankruptcy last November.  As it happens, I came into a deal in
December on two TransPort T3100 laptops and bit before I had knowledge
of the bankruptcy.

These laptops are missing their batteries and CD/DVD drives.  Normally
not a big deal, except that the silver battery compartment doors are
attached to the batteries as a companion piece.  I can get batteries;
I just don't have those doors to close off the compartments.

Also, the CD/DVD drives mount to a carrier that slides into the laptop
drive bay.  While I can get bare drives, they cannot be used without
the carrier they bolt into.

Inquiries to the company have turned up either automatic email
responses or nothing at all.  They may pull out of their nosedive but
it may also take a while and I'd like to use the machines now.

So, does anyone have suggestions on, perhaps, a third party that would
have these parts?  Even better, does anyone know who OEM'd this laptop
for MPC?  I might be able to get parts from them. Or, perhaps someone
out there has a dead/bad T3100 battery or two that could part with
them and their silver battery doors, or a dead/bad CD-dvd drive that
would make a good parts donor...?

Any help much appreciated!
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