Looking for a new netbook.

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Any recommendations?
Roughly 400 budget.
Not Linux O.S, or eee pc!
Looking at the asus one a150x & the hp 2133.
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Re: Looking for a new netbook.

andrew@world.com writes:

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Why not an EEE pc ? These are really good (for a net usage).

Re: Looking for a new netbook.

andrew@world.com wrote:
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Now that Acer has announced their AOA150-1447 model, which has XP, 1GB
RAM, 160GB hard drive, and a 6-cell battery standard, I'm thinking of
this myself.  It was announced this past Friday, so I haven't been able
to find it anywhere yet, so I haven't actually used or seen one myself
yet, but I guess they should be out in a couple of weeks here in the U.S.

Retail price announced was $399 (USD).

The only thing else I would want is to have a factory-built model with
the full 1.5GB RAM, as it's apparently a bit painful to replace the
512MB stick that comes in a slot.

JMHO.  I'll try to post back if I do get my hands on one :)...


Re: Looking for a new netbook.

On Aug 8, 3:20=A0am, and...@world.com wrote:
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Look at the MSI Wind; I'm running one with 2 gig RAM, 250 gig hard
drive, both are easy upgrades on this unit. LCD is larger than Asus or
Acer and very bright and non-glossy too. It comes with XP Home
standard, 1 gig RAM and an 80 gig hard drive. Should fit into your
budget too. I'm now running XP Home and Vista Ultimate in a dual boot
configuration with another 70 gig partition for data. Keyboard is
fine, originally came with Synaptics touchpad, but that seems to have
changed in recent models. A very nice unit and more capable than the
typical Linux based "netbook"
Good luck!

Re: Looking for a new netbook.

ken10254 typed on Sun, 24 Aug 2008 17:53:05 -0700 (PDT):
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Well for starters I am a big fan of mechanical hard drives too. And a 250GB
is a nice one on a laptop. Although mechanical hard drives make terrible
portable storage. They just can't take vibration very well. To be truly
portable, you need SSD (solid state drives). You can jog, bounce around in a
car, walk, etc with them with no problems.

Larger screen than an Asus? Heck virtually everything has a larger screen
than an EEE PC. People who buys EEE PC don't want large screens. As large
screens are huge and heavy. Why do you want large and heavy to be portable?

Non-glossy screen? Same with EEE PCs.

Synaptics touchpad? Asus EEE PC uses Synaptics touchpads.

Sounds like to me ken10254, you want a stationary laptop. Well virtually
every laptop can do that. But for true portability, you need something
without a mechanical hard drive and it is small and light.

Black Asus EEE PC 4GB 2GB SoDIMM Adata 16GB
Windows XP SP2 and Xandros Linux

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