Li-Ion Battery Care

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Barry Watzman, M.I.5, others and myself have talked about Li-Ion
battery care in the past. Although I also fly RC electric helicopters
and airplanes. Some of them also use Li-Ion batteries. And RC electric
people seem to know more about batteries more than anybody else I know.
As they build their own chargers, etc. And one thing is clear as a bell
for me lately about Li-Ion batteries.


What seems really clear is when you are using them on battery power,
they might get warm. That is okay it seems. So use your laptop on
battery power and not too worry. Although the worst thing you can do is
to use your laptop on battery power and then charge it with AC power
right afterwards. Let the battery cool down for 10 to 15 minutes first
(or pull it out during this time to cool down).

Those that doesn't wait will find their RC Li-Ion batteries will go down
really fast, as the capacity drops off drastically. Even with a brand
new Li-Ion battery. They seem to drop 25% or more from the get go if you
charge them while they are warm (or hot).

I hope this information has helped those that want to get 10 or more
years out of their Li-Ion batteries. And it seems best if you recharge
sitting Li-Ion batteries about once every 6 months. Well you can go
longer, but every 6 months seems pretty safe.

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