Lenovo X61, adaptor VGA to TV

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I bought a Lenovo X61 and it does not have TV out.

I looked for some solutions but it seems like some adaptors do not
work properly.

Do you have any advice or solution to my problem?


Re: Lenovo X61, adaptor VGA to TV

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You need to understand that there is are many differences between VGA
and NTSC (or PAL) output.  Laptops with TV output have all the necessary
circuitry to handle that.  Either they have a second video-resolution
frame buffer for the video content, or they downsample the main frame
buffer on the fly to video resolution.

If you've got only an analog VGA output, you need a device called a
"scan converter" to accept analog VGA at some resolution your laptop can
generate.  The scan converter will internally downsample resolution,
convert to interlaced display, and handle the colour encoding.  Good
scan converters are not cheap.


Re: Lenovo X61, adaptor VGA to TV

Vokaj typed on Thu, 6 Dec 2007 08:35:05 -0800 (PST):
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I guess you and I shop differently. As when I go shopping for a laptop
and it doesn't already have a TV out. I wouldn't buy it.


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