Lenovo market research.

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Are the Lenovo guys actually ThinkTing about their design changes to the
Thinkpads at all?
I'm trying desperately to convince myself that it's a good idea to supply a
z60m to my client. I am a die-hard fan of the T41/T42/T43 machines, but I
just don't understand the reasoning behind some of the changes they're
implementing (all across the board - the below are from a T60).

Compare the classic Ultranav buttons
with the new ones (http://www2.css-networks.com/thinkpad/touchpadnew.jpg).

What are they thinking? This looks horribly dull and square. It's like they
copied the HP nx6110.

Then there's the Power/Volume/Mute buttons.
Old (classic) : http://www2.css-networks.com/thinkpad/buttonsold.jpg
New : http://www2.css-networks.com/thinkpad/buttonsnew.jpg

Again, Hewlett Packard nx6110 ? Oh deary me.

They're going backwards. Are they utilising their brains at all? Change for
change's sake?
Perhaps IBM won't let them have some patents on the design or something.

The z60m looks too wedgy as well. (Thought I'd just throw that in too).

I think I'm going to have to supply yet another T42 2373. I'll just add a
PCMCIA 5-in-1 card reader to make up for the lack of multimedia-ryness, and
hope that CDRW will suffice over a DVDRW.

How disappointing :( I do hope Lenovo reconsider their current design path.
It's terribly difficult to find a good and 'right' product which one feels
proud to supply. I had that with the T42s. I supplied two more last week and
am forever asking the chap how much he likes it (a lot is the answer, to
which I take great satisfaction.)

Re: Lenovo market research.

Lenovo...IBM thinkpad....?
Regardless of whatever the so called improvements or developments...
I will never touch or get near  again  that black ugly motherfucker!

Carl Farrington wrote:
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Re: Lenovo market research.

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Carl Farrington wrote:

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You hit the nail right on the head!!!  I was so disgusted when I
found no CR Writer on this stupid thing.  Only a cdr installed.
And me too I cant find the battery level indicator or how to create
one.  Luckily I had a Backpack external burner and reader that
I upgraded the driver for it to a 32 bit driver and that saved
my butt.
            Kokomo Joe

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