Lenovo Laptops in vehicles

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Anyone know of use of Lenovo laptops mounted in vehicles and how they
hold up? For example, mounting a Lenovo inside a vehicle and using it
year round in a climate where temperatures range from 20 degrees F, up
to 100 degrees F.

Any information on how they hold up?  Lenovo's specifications is
41 degrees to 95 degrees for warranty.



Re: Lenovo Laptops in vehicles

g wrote:
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Well, the 95F is temperature to the air inlet to the heat pipes.  This
is likely set by the maximum temperature that Lenovo will tolerate on
the CPU, and that is likely a safety margin below what the cooling
system will actually tolerate.  At your risk, you operate outside of the
published max air temperature, particularly at high CPU load.

The low temperature is perhaps the minimum for useful lubrication on the
HD.  Again, it is your risk to operate below this temperature.

If you are serious about this temperature range, then you need a
hardened notebook, and I am not sure that even the Panasonic Toughbook
will do the trick. http://www.panasonic.com/business/toughbook/home.asp


Re: Lenovo Laptops in vehicles

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You are definitely looking at a short life for the notebook. I second
the motion for a ruggedized notebook. Panasonic is not the only player
in the field of super sturdy notebooks. Toughbooks are really pretty

Re: Lenovo Laptops in vehicles

At very cold temps I have heard of laptop screens cracking when powered on
due to the sudden thermal stress.   The one first hand report I heard was at
0 F.

Re: Lenovo Laptops in vehicles

This happened almost four years ago... I was working on several IBM
laptops in my workshop, with just a space-heater going.  Temperature
was close to freezing, long story.  Key memory is: unnoticed,
condensation had formed inside one laptop's screen, and when I powered
it up for a RAM count bad things ensued.  So, if you are planning on
using this laptop when its surface temperature is dewpoint or lower,
better choose a laptop that's waterproof!  Maybe a GRiD?  You might
check Garmin for a waterproof, ruggedized PDA with GPS, see if that
would fit your actual needs... or get yourself one of those nifty
Suunto watches... or a Hughes Thuraya.  A laptop just doesn't seem
like the likeliest survivor.

As someone who'd travailed some, and has taken laptops, PDA's, and
"specialty items" along, I'd advise against operating any laptop you
get outside manufacturer specs.  Keep a particular eye on
temperature : humidity operating ranges, storage temp/humidity range,
and air-flow requirements.  Then expect a "mounted" laptop to have
problems from internal connections shaking loose.  If you're in
Germany, ask a taxi driver if you can check out his rig.  If you're in
the U.S., ask a metropolitan policeman how well the patrol-car's
"ruggedized" computer gear holds up....

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