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ive been playing games on the laptop recently and they were very laggy
due to the gpu on the laptop

now it overheated to death and the screen started flickering  
i ran the laptop in safe mode and everything was ok  
what shall i do to avoid further damage ?


Re: Lenovo g550

That unit has the Intel Graphics MA 4500MHD chip, which is not designed
to play games. Even at low settings that chip will run hot, not to
mention your lucky to get 12fps on newer games.
If you get constant flickering when booting to the desktop, but not in
Safe Mode, you probably caused permanent damage to the gpu. If it only
happened once, to avoid further damage, don't play games on that laptop.


Re: Lenovo g550

it happened last night and when it happened i turned the laptop off
opened it and cleaned the heatsink and the fan
turned it on and the same thing was happening , so i ran it in safe mode
and everything was ok , i downloaded a bios update and now its working
fine in normal mode


Re: Lenovo g550

On 12/21/2011 10:26 AM, rb wrote:
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Here is a review what this GPU can do with games.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

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I don't have any experience with this GPU at all. So I admit my
ignorance here. But generally speaking, you should run whatever you want
too. As it should be designed to keep all chips cool enough to prevent
damage no matter how hard you work the machine. Assuming air vents are
not blocked or anything.

And I am curious if you would also claim to stay away from games with
Intel 915GM and 945GM as well? As there isn't any GPU at all and relies
on the CPU and northbridge to do all of the work. And here I do have
tons of experience with. And I even play games on them as well. Sure, a
lot of games these integrated graphics isn't perfect or anything. But I
find some games can be made playable on them.

For the games that can't play well with the above, I also have five
Alienware laptops. All five are designed for gaming and four of them
actually have two GPUs on separate video cards per machine.

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Re: Lenovo g550

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Safe mode-->less resolution-->less work-->lower temperature.

Conclusion:something run (to) hot.

Check cooling circuit for dust.

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