lenovo 3000 c200 freeze

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We have many notebook Lenovo 3000 c200 (8922) running on windowx xp
pro and they have all the same problem:

The computer will randomly freeze:
The mouse wont move, the ctrl-shft-esc wont do anything, but only for
few second.
We tested the computers against virus with many tools (avg, nod32,
bitdefender, ad-aware, spybot, ...) but nothing is found.
The screensaver is not activated nor the hard drive and screen
When the freeze occure the cpu seem to be totaly idle (and the memory
is still free enough)
Memtest dont give any error.
Wireless card are not activated.

Sometime after the freeze we need to restart the computer because
software will not answer anymore ( this is happen many time that we
need to restart 2 or 3 time to run all software succefully)

We tried to start windows in minimal mode with msconfig, but same
I will try a linux live cd soon to see if it works well.

One of the software we use will only work if we  stop the computer,
unplug it, remove the battery hold power button to remove any
electricity from the computer and then restart...

This is really bad for us because we use those computer to do some
probing test and those test can last for many hour...
At this time we've been lucky cause the freeze only happen befor we
start the probing, or when we did short probing... (freezing will
occur in any software, and sometime when windows is idle, so this is
not the probing software...)

Anyone of you got problem like this???
Any help would be really cool.
Many Thanks :-)


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