LCD screen - vertical dead pixel lines

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Hi,  A few days ago my laptop, a PIII 700/900 Mhz, screen developed a
vertical line of blue pixels across the full height of the screen.  It
has now been joined by a vertical line of red pixels, offset by one row
of pixels.  I have tried "massaging" the hinge where I think the ribbon
cable connects pc to screen but with no success (worked with a Compaq
laptop with similar symptoms).

What might the diagnosis be??
Is it terminal??
Is it cost effective to repair??
Is there any self help that I can do to repair it??

Re: LCD screen - vertical dead pixel lines

The problem is not in the cable from the video board to the lid, so stop
massaging that.

The most likely cause is delamination of the bond where a flat "flex
cable" (ribbon cable) is bonded to the glass.  A next most likely cause
is a failed driver IC on the controller (this is part of the LCD panel

Either way, although the problem is theoretically repairable, it's a
repair that is very specialized and is very rarely done, and even if you
can find a place that does it (it's a VERY specialized repair), the cost
will be close to the cost of a new LCD panel.  Unfortunately, either
way, we are talking probably $200 or more.

[If it is delamination, there is a chance of a temporary repair by
putting pressure on the exact right point, but it's a point inside the
lid, and usually you won't be able to do it from outside.  If you decide
to try and pursue this, be very careful, the inverter inside the lid
creates lethal high voltage.]

Your best bet is to look for a replacement panel on E-Bay. wrote:
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Re: LCD screen - vertical dead pixel lines

Our company repairs these types of LCD problems. Here is a link with
more information:

Re: LCD screen - vertical dead pixel lines wrote:
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Thanks - I am in UK!!!

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