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Hello all,

Was wondering if these would be OK to use on a display:

Product:  Nice'nClean Anti-Static Cleaning Wipes
Quantity:  80 6x6.5 Wipes
Ingredients:  Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycol ethers and Surfactants

Distributed by:  Nice-Pak Products
Two Nice-Pak Park
Orangeburg, NY 10962

Anyone had experience with these?  Anything in the ingredients I should
beware of?  Thanks for any replies.
Gainesville, FL
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Re: LCD Display Cleaner

The best cleaner for LCD screens is incredibly simple.  Pure, clean water
and a 100% cotton cloth.  Never use anything else on your LCD screen unless
the product states that it is expressly formulated for LCD screens.

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Re: LCD Display Cleaner

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... and most of those leave a residue behind that is next to impossible to

Deionised water with a little iso-propyl alcohol is the best way to go
applied with a lint free cloth.

Re: LCD Display Cleaner

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Are these really for LCD screen or for optical lens cleaning?
The glycol ethers ( due to higher molecular weight ) with surfactants
will form a thin film on the surface resulting in antistatic effect and
dust particles will not easily  be attracted to the surface due to
electostatic repulsion with the polyglycol epoxide film  that results
from the drying of the ethers.
But if used repeatedly the layer becomes thicker and will make it
appear has a gummy layer  that is difficult to remove even with common
solvent without endangering the  sensitive under surface.
Generally for delicate surface cleaning
Any cleaners with antistatic effect should not be applied repeatedly(
several times) to any surface but only a few times ...and the rest with
normal cleaning solution that will just evaporate without leaving a
residue in the surface.( diluted isopropanol or plain distilled/
deionized water is an example).

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