LCD died and some other issues

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I was watching a DVD on windows media player when suddenly my laptop
froze. I rebooted and quickly ran a quick diagnostic, the report said
there was no errors found on my system so I proceeded to running
Windows normally. In the Win XP loading screen (black screen w/ win
xp logo, loading bar), it froze again and I had to push the reset
button but this time the LCD screen is just black and I tried
powering it off by holding the power button 10-15 seconds then hooked
up a desktop monitor to see if that works and to my surprise, it
doesnt work. Im stuck with a Black Screen laptop and I also noticed
that a simple power button push turns it off (normally i would have
to hold it for 5 seconds before it goes to suspend mode and powers

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop and the external monitor was also
from Dell. Its 11 months old so its still new and my computer usage
is uhhh moderate gamer like.

Re: LCD died and some other issues

DVD decoding is done in software and is quite CPU intensive.  Most
likely your CPU over heated from the high CPU load.  It's very possible
that the CPU cooling system (heat exchanger and fan) are clogged with
dust, hair, lint, etc.  This is a very common problem.  Usually, if you
let it cool, it will work again until it overheats again.  But if its
still in warranty, let Dell fix it.

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