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   I am new here and had desktops for years, I want to get my wife a
decent laptop or notebook for her birthday, I had my mind set on the
Toshiba Satellite, I don't have the model number, but it had a 15.4
screen, 1.7 speed processor, 1 gig ram and I believe a 60 gig HD, thay
had it on sale at Best Buys for $599.00 now for some reason they
discontinued this model, looking for other opinions on a good value laptop.


Re: Laptot opinions

The current model of Toshiba laptop which fits your description is the
A135 series, and it's still available, but prices and configurations
vary all over the place (there are about 100 different configuration
models of this basic design being sold, with different CPUs, memory,
hard drives and other options).  When it's on sale with a good price on
a good configuration, expect to pay about $550 for a model with Core Duo
CPU, 1GB of memory and an 80 to 120GB drive.  High-end models with Core
2 Duo, 2GB and 160GB disk can be over $1,000.

Also look at the Dell E1505, using the electronic coupons available at  You will pay more (probably $700 or so), but can
get a much higher end configuration.

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Re: Laptot opinions

if it's for you wife, you want to get something small. she probably
wont appreciate a gigantic laptop that weighs almost 10 lbs like mine.

Try the Dell E1405.

Re: Laptot opinions

chet wrote:

      I was looking at the Toshiba A135 S4527 laptop, they were $599 a
few weeks ago at Best buys, they are now up to $749.00 Circuit City has
them for $749.00 with a $150 rebate, still looking at the Dell's too.


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Re: Laptot opinions

You have to be very careful when talking about the Toshiba laptops in
the common satellite series.  There are several dozen configurations of
the "A135" (denoted by the "S" suffix) (as there had been, ultimately,
almost 200 configurations of the previous model, the A105).  The
differences include the CPU (anything from a Celeron to a Core 2 Duo),
memory, hard drive (some models have dual hard drives), optical drive,
Operating system and other built-in accessories (wireless networking,
video, flash memory card readers, firewire ..... etc.)

Decent models of the A135 series (which I will define as models with at
least a Core Duo processor, 1GB of memory, at least 80GB of hard drive,
and Vista Home Premium (or better) show up starting at $549, but those
are, invariably, 1-week sales, sometimes with rebates.  If you are
patient, you will find one for that price.  If you want to pay more
(some models are over $1,200) you can get more (Core 2 Duo, 2GB of
memory, dual hard drives, discreet rather than chipset video, Vista
Ultimate, etc.)

The Dell E1505 is a comparable model, and there are some deals on it at  You will probably end up paying $700 for an
E1505, but it will likely be a higher end configuration.

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