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Re: Laptops dying of old age

I'm pretty sure it's just a single type-III PCMCIA slot. The thing has
quite a few connectors on it including a serial port, a parallel port,
2 USB ports, a docking port, a VGA-style monitor port, a PS/2 port
(oddly enough only one with symbols for both keyboard & mouse), and an
S-video port. It also has a built-in 56K modem which was used for
internet access by the previous owner that appears to have provisions
to be removed. I think there might be one other port I'm forgetting,
but I don't feel like pulling it out of the case right now. I won't
need it again until Wednesday night and I've already moved the files
to my WIn98SE computer via sneakernet. I'm giving serious
consideration to buying an external 3.5" drive for my new Gateway
since it's the first computer I've ever owned without one.
It's an NEC Ready 440T
Quite nice for the era it was from.
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Re: Laptops dying of old age

If the laptop had USB ports, it is a near certainty that the PC Card
slot was a Cardbus slot.

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Re: Laptops dying of old age

Somewhere on teh intarwebs wrote:
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My oldest laptop is a Latitude CPi A PII 400MHz ('Dixon', great CPU for it's
time) and I have a 3Com PCMCIA WiFi card in that too. Although the OS on
that is 98SE 2 ME, a hybrid system that is mainly the 98SE that it came with
but it uses the few things that ME improved on and integrates them into 98SE
(Google will tell you about it).

I have the newest version of Firefox that will run on 9x on it. I can't
remember the version number and I'm short a clover-leaf power cord right now
and can't be bothered pinching one off one of my ThinkPads and firing it up.
<g> Actually, the battery on that machine is still good for about 90 minutes
or more (I can watch an avi movie on it on battery).

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warm for the rest of his life." Terry Pratchet, 'Jingo'.

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