Laptop wouldn't power on -- sudden cure

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Yesterday my Thinkpad G40 refused to power on, and I wonder why.
Fortunately, this became mostly a matter of curiosity this morning, when the
laptop fixed itself just as suddenly as it had broken. But I'd really
appreciate your theories, in case it happens again.

Here's what happened:

I had a software crash, while installing a program update (Zone Alarm) --
during the restart, the system froze at "Windows is shutting down". The
power button and CTRL-ALT-DEL had no effect, so I removed the power cord and
then the battery, to shut it down.

When I replaced the power cord and the battery (I forget in which order),
the computer would not power on -- no beeps, no whirring, no power light,
nothing but the battery status light lit (if the power cord was in). I tried
holding down the power button for 10 seconds, tried waiting a while -- maybe
10 minutes -- tried using only the battery or only the AC power; tried
removing and replacing each of the memory modules. Nothing.

IBM tech support had me remove all power, hold down the power button for 20
seconds, then rapidly hit the button 20 times, then plug in the AC cord.
Still nothing. The box to ship it back for warranty repair is on its way.

I left it with no battery or AC power overnight. Then, just for grins, I
connected the power cord again this morning, started up as normal.

Any ideas what's going on? Anybody think I should send it in for repair,
even though it's now working fine?

I assume a blown capacitor or transistor wouldn't cause a problem that's
intermittent or self-limiting. Could a bad power brick do this?

Thanks for any thoughts...

Re: Laptop wouldn't power on -- sudden cure

Ted Kerin wrote:

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I suppose there will be a zillion theories about what happened ... I
would not send the laptop for repairs. You just had a bad crash and
sometimes, the best option is to ... wait it out. To do justice to
ZoneAlarm, I do not think it is the culprit. You probably did not shut
down all the programs you should have shut down when you did the update.
Normally, waiting a few minutes is long enough to let static energy
dissipated but ...Good for you you checked a last time.


John Doue

Re: Laptop wouldn't power on -- sudden cure

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Thanks, John.

I'm not mad at ZoneAlarm -- the initial software crash it seemed a simple
enough occurrence,  and you're probably right that I didn't bother shutting
all other progs, as I should have, before installing the update. But I
didn't think it would explain the total lack of power afterward.

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